Têra Kaia Collective
Women of the Têra Kaia collective doing yoga sun salutations in a meadow with pine trees and bright sunlight wearing TOURA basewear top outdoor sports bras with strappy criss cross racerbacks

About The Collective

The Têra Kaia Collective is a base camp for stories, thoughts, and self-expression curated by outdoor women.

👋🏻👋🏽👋🏿  Hey, hello, hi. This little spot on the internet is a place to share our experiences with like-minded people, and forge a deeper connection to ourselves and the outdoors. Inspired by self-expression, the collective is a home for stories, thoughts, art, girl beta, and images meant to inspire you to get outdoors and be your outside self.

Spark a conversation, get connected, and engage with the people and landscapes around us.

The collective is made up of.. well… YOU! Moderated by a selection of outdoor women, this blog is a collection of experiences from real people in our community. Women, womxn, non-binary individuals, and men are also welcome to contribute. Our community welcomes you with open arms. Here are a few ways to get involved:

  • Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section
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  • Participate in our Facebook Group to connect with the community
  • Contribute your stories, thoughts, and self-expression

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Looking for a belay partner, advice on an upcoming trip, or maybe just need some emotional support? We’ve got a community for that. Head to our facebook group to connect with outdoor women to share your outdoor experiences with.

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Entries are welcome on all varying subjects from sustainability, outdoor access, and social issues. Formats may include art, written articles, poetry, design, photography, or simply a thought that you’d like to get off your chest.

Welcome Back!

Get connected with like-minded women in our Facebook Group:

Welcome Back!

Get connected with like-minded women in our Facebook Group:

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