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Bishop Bouldering: Amanda Jaramillo climbs Morning Dove White in the Happy Boulders

Bishop Bouldering Guide Part 2: The Happy Boulders and the Sads

Heading to Bishop to go bouldering at the Happy Boulders, or the Sads? Be sure to get the beta before you go.

Welcome to Part 2 of our Bishop Bouldering Guide. In case you missed it, check out our Bishop Bouldering Guide Part 1: The Buttermilks to get the scoop on travel tips, climbing etiquette, and the history of the Payahuunadü.

Ok, so you checked out The Buttermilks and you’ve had your fill of crispy temps and high balls? Time to explore the Volcanic Table Lands, which includes The Happy Boulders and The Sads. Get ready for some powerful pulling, balancey face climbs, and yea, a few more high balls. Hope you like pockets!

– Bridget Kilgallon @bkall.day

The rock in the tablelands is volcanic, which means LOTS of pockets. Prepare your fingers and don’t forget to warm up with some tendon gliding exercises.

Trip Beta: Travel Tips for Bishop bouldering

Head up the 395 until you see the mountains. The town of Bishop is one of the small mountain towns you’ll encounter on the way. While in town, don’t forget to visit us at Têra Kaia Bishop! Our new home base is set to open Spring of 2020. Follow our progress on Instagram at @terakaiabishop.

Bishop bouldering is divided into three main areas:

  • The Buttermilks: Huge highballs with a backdrop of snowy mountains.
  • The Sads: Steep pocketed caves and shade from the desert heat.
  • The Happies: Volcanic and dynamic problems on pockets.

Access: Climbing Etiquette for Bishop Bouldering

As always, be sure to educate yourself on leave no trace principles for the area. Read more about the seven principles of Leave No Trace (LNT) here: https://lnt.org/why/7-principles/

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Girl Beta: Bouldering Videos for Bishop

Sometimes it helps to get another woman’s perspective on which boulder problems to get on. Below you’ll find a selection of female favorites, and a great roadmap on which routes to add to your tick list when visiting Bishop.

Warning: If you’re climbing onsight, scroll no further. Spoilers ahead!

Happy Boulders

Had your fill of crispy temps and high balls? Head to the Happies for some powerful pulling on pockets.

Corner V0

Jackie Trejo climbs Corner V0 in Bishop, CA

Black Magic V3 *High Ball*

Amanda Jaramillo climbs the classic high ball Black Magic V3 in Bishop, CA

Joseph V3

Jackie Trejo climbs Joseph V3 in Bishop, CA

Solarium V4 *Classic*

Amanda Jaramillo climbs the classic Solarium V4 in Bishop, CA

Rene V5 *High Ball*

Amanda Jaramillo climbs the high ball Rene V5 in Bishop, CA

The Gleaner V6

Amanda Jaramillo climbs The Gleaner V6 in Bishop, CA

Every Color You Are V6

Amanda Jaramillo climbs Every Color You Are V6 in Bishop, CA

Hamtaro V8

Amanda Jaramillo climbs Hamtaro V8 in Bishop, CA

Disco Diva V8

Amanda Jaramillo climbs Disco Diva V8 in Bishop, CA

The Sads

For warm days the Sads can be a great way to beat the heat, and avoid the crowds. Those looking for high grades will find lots of steep, hard problems in the shade.

Strength in Numbers V5 *Classic*

Amanda Jaramillo climbs Strength in Numbers V5 in Bishop, CA

Molly V5

Feeding Frenzy aka Green Room V7

Amanda Jaramillo climbs Feeding Frenzy aka Green Room V7 in Bishop, CA

Pow Pow V8

Can you say holy heel hook? Amanda Jaramillo climbs Pow Pow V8 in Bishop, CA

Water Hazard V10

Amanda Jaramillo climbs Water Hazard V10 in Bishop, CA

Beefcake V10

Amanda Jaramillo climbs Beef Cake V10 in Bishop, CA

Heading back to the milks? Get the beta with our Bishop Bouldering Guide Part 1: The Buttermilks

Big shout out to the climbers who provided these videos! You can follow their sends on the following links:

Climber Amanda Jaramillo: Youtube Channel / Instagram @amandarjara

Climber: Jackie Trejo Youtube Channel / Instagram @jackietrejo

Would you like to contribute a beta video for Bishop? If so, just contact us below:

Bridget Kilgallon

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